I am Sid Klein, the Founder and Lead Manager at Global Alternative Investments.
I created the company to engineer wholly differentiated products that are designed to provide investors hedges against, and means by which to profit from the potentially extreme volatility in conentional asset prices that I foresaw for this secular cycle.
The Income and Protection Strategy is designed to provide exceptional profits
following sharp quarterly declines, while offering extremely probable profits after
bullish quarters.
Despite the Strategy’s rules for initiating and closing positions, this year’s historic VIX levels would have greatly enhanced profits above the Strategy’s targets.

Since the Strategy includes the weekly sale of put options, obvious writing strategies would have canceled the need to obey the Strategy’s sell trigger, in favour of plainly enhanced alternatives. This would have been obvious to any expert.

At the same time, the Strategy’s engineering is geared to profit from quarterly advances. With targeted profits in the 5-15% range after such bullish moves, our studies show that potential can run as high as 35% in quarters that actually advance steadily and right through the entire quarter.
The Strategy is geared to provide an unusually low risk:reward ratio, as it deploys
only 20% of its assets.

When I would have the opportunity to present it to you, the marketing deck will also demonstrate that this aspect of the Strategy reduces the number of drawdowns while also keeping down their size.

It should be noted that an effect of this component of the Strategy includes only  reinvesting 20% of any accumulated profits.
Both Angel and early investors enjoy a 50% reduction in the fees shown on the next  slide, coupled with guaranteed capacity levels for participation in the fund, for as long  as one is invested.

Of course, Angel investors initially enjoy the return on his or her investment in the  Company.
As we can see, the terms are investor-friendly by providing fund participants all-butinstant liquidity.

As well, investors know the maximum fee and expenses exposure.
About myself, over these past decades I have publicly forecast and identified several  historic peaks and lows in multiple markets and asset classes, including New York,  Japan and, to a lesser extent, China.

These are alongside work related to major extremes that were also identified in the  precious metals and select major currencies.

As regards the equity markets, this includes 2020’s forecast for a peak just under  30,000 in the Dow, coupled with a 10,000-point decline.

As recently reported, we could possibly be on the verge of yet another such top-tobottom decline from this year’s 2nd quarter peak.

With respect to 2020 as well as major forecasts of the past decades, please visit the  ARTICLES page on the Global Alternative Investments website.
I truly hope to hear from you to make some time to present the marketing deck and  its admittedly complex math.

Due to the favourable asymmetric relationship between cash drawdowns and market  value, a presentation of the slides is essential for the investor’s time to be spent  efficiently and fruitfully.

In conclusion, particularly given what the investor marketplace is presently seeking to  fulfill timely and strategic portfolio needs, I truly hope to have the opportunity to  present the marketing deck to you, while also explaining the related international  business opportunities.


In one sense better than a history of month-end statements, the backtests are based  on to-the-second data obtained from the CBOE.

All taken together, the backtests examine the different major market types that one  may reasonably expect over the longer term, thereby demonstrating the all-season  nature of this fund Strategy